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"Good girls are just bad girls who get promoted" -Someone Important


Do you struggle with losing your authentic self while climbing the corporate ladder? Are there certain limitations or stereotypes placed on you at work? Want to learn how to work around these obstacles & further improve your leadership skills & critical thinking tactics in the workplace? If you said yes to any of those questions then you're in the right place. Good Girls Lead LLC is a company dedicated to helping people of all ages play the best game possible with the cards they are dealt in the corporate world. We provide coaching sessions that will include resume revisions, interview prep, and so much more!

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Here's What Good Girls Lead Clients Are Saying...

"Absolutely AMAZING! I was so lost on my resume and Good Girls Lead did a phenomenal job breaking it down and simplifying it, but also highlighting all of my accomplishments. I've used other resume writers before where the writer didn't take enough time to understand me and my prior roles, but GGL took the time to understand my work history and nailed it. Not only did I get an awesome resume, but they boosted my confidence about my skills and really helped prepare me for my upcoming job search. Couldn't be happier and would HIGHLY recommend!" -Kara McIntyre (36 yrs old)

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